In the state of Mizoram , about 65 kilometers away from its capital Aizawl , there are shops without vendors in it .

They sell vegetables, fruits, flowers , fruit juice, small dried fish and even freshwater snails etc.

The small farmers can not afford to keep vendors for the shops . So what they do is ;

  • Every morning they bring in fresh fruits and vegetables and arrange an array of it in bamboo huts.
  • Using chalk or charcoal , they display boards mentioning the prices of it.
  • They keep payment boxes , and in case the customers do not have a change , they keep a container having money for that too.

It is interesting to find such a shop , which is not been monitored by any person , still never been looted or sort of a case.

This is what the small farmers say ,

“We run this shop the whole year. We just put the price list near the vegetable or anything we are selling and people simply pick up what ever they like and put the money in the container. If required, they even take the change from the box themselves. We trust them, they have never failed us. Nothing has ever been lost from our shops.

And this is what customers feel about,

“We feel great that Mizoram has such kind of vendors and we often buy from them. It makes us happy, like we’ve contributed to something beautiful. This is how it should be,” say the customers of nghah lou dawr.

Such inspiring stories just makes our heads high up , setting a perfect example of a bond between the farmers having trust on the people with those faceless customers portraying honesty at its best .

Overwhelmed .

Happy reading 🙂

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